Our Vinsobres vineyard is composed for the most part of a 12-hectare hillside plot with a south-east orientation that is separated from the neighbouring plots by a large forest massif.

Starting at an altitude of 250 m and culminating at 420 m, it is composed of 12 terraces alternating Grenache and Syrah.
The soil is stony and poor in nutriments with a limited yield of 25 hl per hectare for our vintages ‘Les Bécasses’, ‘Confidence’, and ‘In Fine’.

The lower part of the hillside accommodates a 2-hectare plot of Côtes du Rhône Village dedicated to the production of the ‘Lou Combaou’ vintage.

Three other plots situated to the south of the village completement our vineyard with one plot dedicated to Mourvèdre.


Our Cairanne vineyard is composed of two sets of plots, the first is east of the village and is planted with Syrah, old Carignan and Grenaches and tended to using goblet pruning.

The other set consist of a plot to the north of the village and takes advantage of the beneficial effect of the Mistral wind. It is planted mainly with old Grenaches (goblet pruning) and Viognier.

Our Cairanne vineyard produces two vintages: ‘Terra Rhona’, exclusively matured in stainless steel vats, and ‘Quintessence’ matured for one third in Burgandy casks.


The Mirabel vineyard is used to produce white varietals: Grenache, Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne.