The grapes are picked by hand in September and early October once the pulp, pips and skin have reached optimal ripeness.

Rigorous sorting and transportation to the production cellar in small quantities ensures that the grapes are kept in perfect phytosanitary conditions.

This is followed by complete stemming, except for the grapes used to produce ‘Quintessence’, ‘Confidence’, and ‘In Fine’ vintages, provided stalk ripeness is adequate.


At the production cellar, our guiding principle is to let nature work its magic to preserve the expression of the terroirs implanted on unique hillside terraced plots.

Maceration is done at controlled temperature for 12 to 35 days depending on the vintages and their specificities.

Malolactic fermentation sets in naturally with no intervention on our part.

Maturation in stainless steel, fiberglass, and clay vats as well as in Burgundy barrels for one and two wines for the Bécasse, Confidence, In Fine, and Quintessence vintages.

We do not fine our wines and only perform a light filtration.

Once bottled, the wines are placed in cool storage (14°C) for at least 6 months before leaving the Domaine.