Social Responsibility

« The Land does not belong to us.

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors,

We borrow it from our children. »


In order to etch the most respectful approach for the environment into the DNA of our;Domaine, we have implemented rigorous practices:


  • All the wines produced at our Domaine comply with Bio requirements and are ECOCERT certified.
  • We exclude any non-essential mechanical actions such as pre-pruning, shoot and bud removing, and stemming.
  • These are all done by hand, enabling us to observe the vine stocks one by one.
  • Our production wine cellar is powered entirely by our solar panel generators.
  • Temperature control, both hot and cold, is ensured using a heat pump, thus avoiding the use of any fossil fuels.
  • We have significant potential in terms of rainwater collection. We are looking to implement a system to become entirely self-sufficient.
  • To further reduce our carbon footprint, we use packaging materials made from 100% recycled paper and solvent free inks.
  • We have also opted to only use lightweight bottles i.e. less than 500 gr.
  • This latter choice is less rewarding from a commercial point of view, but we believe that only the wine should make the difference.