Passion as a heritage’ this summarises the winemaking journey of Gérard Constant and his wife, Denise Duquesnoy.

In 2004, when they bought several ‘atypical’ plots on the highest hillsides of Vinsobres, Gérard and Denise were pursuing their dream of producing their own wine.

By ignoring conventions, observing the vines and constantly questioning their approach, the Domaine progressively determined its philosophy and guiding principles.

  • Work and tend to the vines naturally because that is where the process starts.
  • Preserve the biodiversity of the vineyard, as it is a source of balance.
  • At the wine cellar, respect the exceptional terroir by favouring the refinement of the juices.
  • And allow enough time for each vintage to grow into its own.

We believe that if the emotion we put into our work and sharing are reflected in the tasting, then we have achieved our objective.